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Life­point gathers every Sunday at 10 a.m

Sundays @ Lifepoint Church Wellington

Lifepoint loves to pray and worship. We’re hungry to learn from what the Bible has to say.  And we’re eager to swap stories of life, during the service and afterward.

We’d love you to come and join us. What will you find if you do?

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You’ll find: A relaxed and welcoming community

Life­point ser­vices are infor­mal and friendly; casual dress is the norm. We take time to cel­e­brate the life of our com­mu­nity, and there’s always a good deal of laugh­ter. New­com­ers are warmly wel­comed, free to par­tic­i­pate or to sit back as they choose. Every couple of months we follow with lunch (always seri­ously good!). We have special lunches for new­com­ers from time to time too. When­ever you come, we’d love you to stay and let us get to know you.

You’ll find: a place where truth is valued

Life­point­ers are hungry for truth, and love to seek God’s truth in the Bible. For this reason we make bib­li­cal teach­ing a pri­or­ity on Sundays and beyond: thought­ful, rel­e­vant and provoca­tive. We are also alert to the world: to the chal­lenges of global need and of New Zealand’s post-Chris­t­ian climate. In our ser­vices we love to bring the truth of the gospel along­side the real world.

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You’ll find: a service of real worship

Life­point­ers are serious about God. We believe we exist for Him, and not the other way around. For this reason, we take worship seri­ously. We give space in our gath­er­ings to hear from God, and love to pray and sing with grate­ful enthu­si­asm. We blend the old, the new and the home grown in our cre­ative choices, and give freedom to all to par­tic­i­pate as they choose.

You’ll find: A great place for children

Life­point­ers come from all walks of life—and all ages. We have an excel­lent kids’ pro­gramme which starts part way through the service; listen for the announcement.

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You’ll find: A safe place to seek help from God and from others

Life­point­ers believe in “keeping it real”. We don’t fake it in worship, we’re happy to debate what we hear, and we won’t force anyone to do any­thing. At the same time, we believe God is present when we meet, and love to seek His help in prayer. All this means our ser­vices are both mean­ing­ful and safe. If you come needing God’s help or the friend­ship of others, you’re in the right place.

You’ll find: An invitation to go further

Life­point is more than just a Sunday service. We believe the Chris­t­ian life is lived the other six days too, and love to talk about how that life should be lived. We also love to do life together, whether in res­i­den­tial com­mu­ni­ties or in life groups around the city. At our service you’ll get a welcome brochure to tell you more, and the inside scoop on our next new­com­ers’ event.

We meet from 10 to 11:40 at 61 Hopper Street. There is parking on site and on Taranaki St, and welcomers will lead you to the auditorium. Ramped access and a lift are available.

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