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Missions Overseas

Is the gospel good news? We’re in no doubt. For as long as anyone can remember, Lifepoint has been sending its best and brightest overseas, armed only with the gospel.  We partner with nationals of other countries also in the task of mission.

Support groups meet to pray for our mission partners, and a hard-working Mission Council keeps Lifepoint honest and focussed.  Andrew Penhey will connect your call.

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Rajesh and Babita and Sanam

Pastor Rajesh Magar leads a small church in the Kath­mandu Valley with his wife Babita, sup­ported by Sanam Maskey.  For the last five years these three have been mission part­ners with Life­point, and through them we are priv­i­leged to bless the church they lead and the mission they under­take to the poor and needy neigh­bour­hood where they live.  We also support their min­istry to needy chil­dren, who are fos­tered in the Magars’ home.

We are priv­i­leged and excited to welcome Sanam to New Zealand over the next few years, as he com­pletes a PhD at Vic Uni­ver­sity.  Sanam’s passion for social uplift in Nepal has us all excited.

John and Mary

John Elliot is the Emer­i­tus Inter­na­tional Direc­tor of World Out­reach (WO), a mul­ti­cul­tural and inter­de­nom­i­na­tional faith mission oper­at­ing in over 60 coun­tries. John and Mary are based in Tauranga. 

The mission of World Out­reach is to impact least–reached peoples with  the Gospel of Jesus Christ. WO is cur­rently working directly with 35 such people groups, raising and train­ing leaders, engag­ing in evan­ge­lism, church plant­ing and chil­dren’s min­istry, assist­ing emerg­ing mis­sions and offer­ing human­i­tar­ian aid.

Matt and Liz

Matt and Liz lead Vine Design, an ultra-cool design and mar­ket­ing min­istry that brings cre­ative flair to mission and aid orga­ni­za­tions with great vision but limited resource.   Their love of mission grew out of five years in Kath­mandu, where Matt worked with the Inter­na­tional Nepal Fel­low­ship (INF), and devel­oped further as Matt did design work for the Loyal Work­shop, Holi­boli and other fan­tas­tic min­istries, while leading our young adults min­istry here at Lifepoint. 

Now, Matt is full-time with Vine Design, with Liz watch­ing over, and Life­point is right behind them.  A fab­u­lous mission part­ner­ship, com­pletely in sync with Life­point’s passion for the mar­gin­al­ized and needy. 


Respond­ing to a deep sense of call, Biswanath and Vijaya Chowd­huri founded the Chris­t­ian Dis­ci­ple­ship Centre (CDC) in Bangladesh some 40 years ago.  CDC’s vision is to train young Bangladeshis to bring the good news to their nation.  Chris­tians are a minor­ity in this largely moslem country.

As of 2022 over 900 men and women have trained at CDC, and now serve in Chris­t­ian min­istries and cutting-edge mission across Bangladesh.  Aided by a gifted and pas­sion­ate staff team, Vijaya has led the min­istry since Bishu passed away in 2010.  Recently, Brother Pintu (CDC Prin­ci­pal) has taken the lead, allow­ing Vijaya to focus on fast-growing projects in the regions of Bangladesh.

CDC’s range and reach have grown in response to God’s call.  In addi­tion to the one year diploma for pastors and evan­ge­lists, CDC runs dis­ci­ple­ship courses for major­ity back­ground believ­ers, an increas­ing number of “village schools”, a growing and effec­tive adult lit­er­acy program, some small devel­op­ment projects, and a bur­geon­ing media min­istry making pro­grams for broad­cast in Bengali. Through all this many people are coming to trust in Jesus.

Val and the Good News Team

For over 30 years Val Bateup has poured her life into spread­ing the good news about Jesus to Thai chil­dren.  Through her God estab­lished the Good 
News Team (GNT)—a com­mit­ted team of local Thais who reg­u­larly travel through­out Thai­land sharing the gospel in a fun way (mainly in state-run Bud­dhist schools). Quite lit­er­ally hun­dreds of thou­sands of Thai chil­dren have been reached by the Good News Team and its literature.

Some of the ear­li­est con­verts are now leaders in the Thai Church, and some are now leading the Good News Team itself, allow­ing Val to tran­si­tion to a well-earned semi-retire­ment in Whakatane.  Key leaders are Win and Kan­chana, both of them pas­sion­ate, gifted and expe­ri­enced dis­ci­plers of young people (together, they also lead a midweek club and Sunday church for young people).

Life­point’s support aids the Team in many ways.  We bring Win and Kan­chana to New Zealand every couple of years, and send teams to lend cre­ative and spir­i­tual strength.  We’re cur­rently sup­port­ing a promis­ing leader of the next gen­er­a­tion — Bae — as he spends a year at Bible college.

We believe everyone is sent to be a witness to the good news of Jesus, and to proclaim and embody the kingdom of God; we just have to know the how and the who.

Many of our people live missional lifestyles right here in Wellington, knowing themselves sent to the city: to the challenge of public discourse, or to the forgotten and the least.  Matthew Scott will direct your enquiry.

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