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& the p•int is…

What is the point? Of your life? Of all life?  For Lifepoint, the point is a person: Jesus. To know him intimately, to follow him closely, into every corner of life, into every corner of the world: this is the point of our lives and of our lives together.


We believe that Jesus calls real people to real life. Real people face life without pre­tence, rec­og­niz­ing its com­plex­ity, alert to its chal­lenge. Real people do not settle for a life of ease, drift­ing with the cul­tural current. In our ser­vices, and in doing life together, Life­point pursues some­thing better.

in real worship

Life­point knows that God is Three-in-One – and that we are many. We match our diver­sity of colour, con­vic­tion and life cir­cum­stance with diver­sity in style. Com­mu­ni­ties worship with liturgy and silence; prayer gath­er­ings are vibrant with song and loud voices. What we share is a cre­ative spirit, and an urgency in worship: to give to Jesus His place as Lord among us, and to give our­selves, in every dimen­sion of life, cre­atively and without reserve, to Him.

in real community

Life­point has dis­cov­ered that real life is some­thing you do with others. Some of us choose to live in res­i­den­tial com­mu­ni­ties, sharing a common life, mod­el­ling sim­plic­ity and truth­ful­ness in their rela­tion­ships. Others meet in homes or in the Life­point build­ing, whether as ethnic groups, groups for young mums, or in “life groups” around the city. What all these share is a thirst for real life, sharing joys and sorrows openly, offer­ing real help to one another, depend­ing together on the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

in real witness

Life­point is con­vinced that God has sent us into the world to be a witness for Him. For most of us the world is local: Welling­ton, our work­places, our places of edu­ca­tion, our homes. For some the world is the urban poor, in our city and beyond. For others the world is over­seas, in mission to far-flung places. Together we puzzle over how to live as wit­nesses; we pray for each other and for the nations; and we seek the renew­ing power of the Holy Spirit.

Lifepoint DNA

DNA: it’s the signature of life, different for every person. That’s true of churches, too. Certainly, it’s true of Lifepoint—a church of passionate, real people, all very different from one another. Inspired to ask why we love being Lifepoint together, we had a go at “cracking the genome”. Several months of heartfelt conversations and “post-it” sessions gave us what we were looking for: 12 strands of DNA. Read them, and see if they resonate with you.

Down­load DNA booklet

Lifepoint People — Staff

Lifepoint overflows with leadership. Our staff are the tip of the iceberg. They don’t call all the shots, but they have a fair idea of what’s going on. Catch them after a service on Sunday, or drop by Lifepoint during the week.


Pastor & Team Leader

Con­nois­seur of con­tem­pla­tion, fine wine, ancient texts, Roland keys, kitty-kats, one beau­ti­ful wife, three kids (dis­pu­ta­tious) and the early works of Art Tatum. Male model in a past life (do I look like I’m kidding?).


Office Admin­is­tra­tor

Loco­mo­tive über-geek and Dad-joke vir­tu­oso, sucrose enabler and admin go-to. Jeeves to your Wooster, aging with gen­tle­manly grace. Anyone for tea?


Pas­toral Staffworker

Maestro of DIY, movies, and things with wheels (high-speed only), the lovely Pip (not quite maestro of) and two splen­did boys. Mission cognoscente, lord of all things admin.


Pas­toral Staff worker & Elder

Chief artis­tic ninja, enthu­si­ast, Friesian lover, baby whisssssperer, sauv blanc afi­cionada, coffee queen. Shod in Doc Martens™. Leg­endary maker of afghans (the edible kind). Ever seeking fun with bridge-maker Phil and the girls (two).

Sockhwee Tan


Life­long learner, novel edible gar­dener and lover of all things Japan­ese (mainly food!). Proud mother (one), partner of John. Forever over­com­ing serial mul­ti­task­ing. Great­est achieve­ment in recent memory — 546 day streak on Duolingo!

Sarah Stark

Pas­toral Staffworker

Teacher, admin­is­tra­tor, bread maker, op-shopper, taxi-driver (aka mum!). Friend to Lifepoint’s kids and youth and always up for a chat, a stroll, a game of 500. Fan of spread­sheets, ukule­les, wash­able paints and home­made dough­nuts (yum!).

Lifepoint People — Elders

Our elders keep the iceberg from tipping over. They think deeply, pray fervently, and make sure the wood is never lost for the trees.
They love to visit with anyone needing healing.

Lifepoint People — Council

Lifepoint’s Council: a bunch of reps, elected every year, who watch over the financial stewardship of Lifepoint, and safeguard our passion for mission, always with an eye to the big picture.
Real people, every one.

Lifepoint loves leadership too much to keep it all in the hands of leaders, capable as they are.  In our church, everyone has a say.  Even the youngest — and there are lots of kids in Lifepoint — show us something of who we are and what God is calling us to be.  We’re like a wasgij: no one has the whole picture, but everyone has a piece of the puzzle.

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