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Little People

Lifepoint kids are real kids. They make a lot of noise, they like to have fun, and they’re willing—with a bit of skilled help—to learn about Jesus. And that’s our heart for them: that they know, from the youngest to the oldest, the love that Jesus has for them, and the call that’s on their lives. Our kids programmes kick off part way through the morning service, for youngsters all the way through to intermediate age. For the super young, we have a crèche. Liz will steer you to the right room.

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Kids usually head out around 10:20, and return at the end of the service, around 11:40. Sometimes they stay in for an ‘all-age’ service; we’ve learned from experience that something special happens when we’re all together.  And of course, no one’s out the back when there’s a baptism.