Teachers and Parents Term Plan

Week of TermDateTe KohangaTe NgahereStoryTe Ao MaramaOther eventsDates for leaders etc.
HApril 28thLizJannah, Madi
1May 5thLizAmy, PhoebeThe Ark and a Tent for GodGuido and Sarah
2May 12thEmma
Jamin, JacobPromised LandGuido and Sarah
3May 19thEmmaJo?, PhoebeThe Temple, a House for GodGuido and Sarah
4May 26thLizAmy, JacobExile and Return
Guido and Sarah
5June 2ndLizJamin, JoSamuel

6June 9thVickiMadi, PhoebeDavidJannah
7June 16thVickiAmy, JacobPsalms

8June 23rdVickiMadi, BenRuthJannah
9June 30thEmmaJamin, JoElijahJannah
H1July 7thDonnaGamesGames

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Teachers and Parents

Term Events to Note:

Useful links for Teachers:

Craft ideas for all sorts of godly plays stories (for TK and TN):

More cool craft ideas:

Lovely blog with all sorts on Godly Play:

More general ideas and examples of using Godly Play:

Children and Families: Good ideas for All-age etc

Kids Friendly Blog:

Great interactive and drama ideas for lots of Bible stories:

General Lesson Outline

Morning tea and news: 10 minutes
- Good to have a sheet with a plan of the morning and what is going to happen: some of the kids like to know what is going to happen.
- Ask the kids to serve each other and take the cups and plates to the kitchen.
- Fun silly questions to answer. Work in pairs first. Swap around. Feed back.

Story: 10 minutes
- TN kids to set up first. Can pair big and little kids up for the wondering questions, and then feed back.

Bible engagement: 5 minutes
- TK: Bible storybooks, flannelgraphs, take story materials each week and re-tell.
- TN:
- Race to the place (in teams) Get the kids to say what page in the bible it is.
- Hiding parts of a verse around and getting them to find it and put it together
- Reading a passage in a few different Bibles: spot the differences in translation
- Read a story to the kids: a narrative tale based on the Bible
- Put a relevant Worship song on, turn off lights and listen
- Get the kids to bring their own Bibles one week, get them to prepare something

Story discussion: 5 minutes
- Use tactile objects, visuals.
- A few short questions to get them thinking: key messages.
- Break into pairs, then feedback.
- Get them writing and drawing on the board.
- Use website to find lots of ideas

Story activity: 20-25 minutes
- Drawing, painting, clay modelling, drama, stop-motion.
- Focus on re-telling the story and creating while doing that.
- Can do individual work or in groups.
- Good to have 2-3 activities/ crafts to choose from.
- Let parents know if there is going to be paint. (There are painting shirts)
- Use tarpaulins under the table for crafts, paint, clay etc
- Mix up the activities, music, drama, art work, craft, singing, dancing, science experiments.
- Match kids into teams that you have pre-planned to avoid disappointed kids.

Prayer time: 10 minutes
- Make prayer time a priority each week. Ask kids if prayers have been answered.
- - Use structure, tactile.
- Pick written prayers out of a jar
- Hold a candle and pass it around while praying, or light a candle.
- Not to say ‘pass’, but ‘Thank you God’ if you don’t have another prayer
- Put a prayer pebble into a bowl as you pray (silently or out loud)
- Praying in colour.
- Prayer labrynths - make and re-use.
- Repeated phrases: Lord Hear Our Prayer.

Tidy-up: 5 mins
- Te Ngahere kids: ownership. Put things away in phocopier room, close AV desk, put chairs away, put things in kitchen, vacuum.
Te Kohanga: simple jobs. Parental involvement.

Game: 10 minutes

- Action games where the kids can move their bodies.
- There is a good ring of game ideas that Vicki printed and laminated.
- Make sure the wee ones have a chance to sit out if they want. Play some slower paced quieter games for them
- Blind fold games
- Keys under the chair
- Teams of dancing and then making themselves into a shape when music stops
- They love chucking newspaper over the line team game
- Balloon games
- Anything with shiny coins into jars or bottles.
- Remember the games don’t always have a point or be tied to the story of the day
- http://www.braingym.org/ - sometimes good to do brain gym to get them calmed down and focussed.
- Team building games for the older ones

- Keep an eye on kids who wander out. It may not be safe for them to be wandering the building. Toilet in groups of 2 good
- Let them know that they are always welcome to sit in Big Church (it isn’t a punishment)
- Find out their birthdays, try and engage with them at their homes, activities outside of church if you can

Term 2 2019
Sunday May 5th
Te Kohanga: Liz
Te Ngahere: Amy and Phoebe
Story: The Ark and a Tent for God
Storyteller: Amy
Te Ao Marama: Guido and Sarah:
Te Ngahere Lesson: The Ark and a Tent for GodStory Script
Term 2 2019

Sunday May 12th

Te Kohanga: Emma
Te Ngahere: Jamin, Jacob
Story: The Promised Land
Storyteller: Jamin
Te Ao Marama: Guido and Sarah

Te Kohanga LessonTe Ngahere LessonStory Script: The Promised Land
Term 2 2019
Sunday May 19th
Te Kohanga: Emma
Te Ngahere: Jo, Phoebe
Te Ao Marama: Guido and Sarah
Noah Godly Play Story scriptTe Kohanga LessonTe Ngahere Lesson: NoahLink to Alpha Episode 8: Filled with the Holy Spirit
Term 1 2019

Sunday February 24th

Te Kohanga: Liz
Te Ngahere: Jamin and Jo
Story: Abram and Sarai
Te Ao Marama: Jannah

Abram and Sarai Godly Play Story scriptTe Ngahere LessonTe Ngahere Activity: Story of AbrahamAlpha Episode 9: New Life
Term 1 2019
Sunday March 3rd
Te Kohanga: Liz: Tower of Babel
Te Ngahere: Madi, Jo: Tower of Babel
Storyteller: Emmaus
Te Ao Marama: Guido, Jannah: Alpha
Tower of Babel Story ScriptTe Ngahere Tower of Babel LessonAlpha 9: New Life
Term 1 2019

Sunday March 10th

Te Kohanga: Liz: Story of Joseph
Te Ngahere: Jannah, Ben: Story of Joseph
Te Ao Marama: Guido and Sarah

Joseph Godly Play Story ScriptTe Ngahere Lesson: JosephJesus Storybook Bible Joseph LessonAlpha 11: Why and how should I tell people?
Term 1 2019
Sunday March 17th
Te Kohanga: Liz
Te Ngahere: Jamin, Phoebe
Story: Moses
Te Ao Marama: In Church for ReCreate
Moses Godly Play ScriptTe Ngahere LessonJesus Storybook Bible Moses LessonReCreate - TAM in church
Term 1 2019

Sunday March 31st

Te Kohanga: Nadine
Te Ngahere: Jamin, Jacob
Story: Exodus
Te Ao Marama: Jannah

Exodus Godly Play scriptTe Ngahere LessonJesus Storybook Bible Exodus LessonAlpha Episode
Term 1 2019

Sunday April 7th

Te Kohanga: Emma
Te Ngahere: Amy, Phoebe
Story: Ten Best Ways to Live
Storyteller: Andrei
Te Ao Marama: Jannah

Ten Best Ways to Live Godly Play scriptTen Best Ways to Live Te Kohanga LessonTen Best Ways Te Ngahere LessonAlpha Episode

Kids usually head out around 10:20, and return at the end of the service, around 11:30. Sometimes they stay in for an ‘all-age’ service; we’ve learned from experience that something special happens when we’re all together.  And of course, no one’s out the back when there’s a baptism.