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Lifepoint in your Living Room

Created for lockdown, Lifepoint Live brought the creativity, fellowship and teaching of our Sunday services right into your living room.  We’re not currently posting to this page, as we are now free to meet again.  A link to our streamed services is below.

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Lifepoint@Large 24th May 2020

Needing help?  We’re here for you.

We may no longer be locked down, but the world is still strange, and the impact of Covid-19 still unfold­ing.  It’s a marathon.  But we are in this together, cre­ative and resource­ful in the Lord.  Life­point­ers are stand­ing by to pray, to phone, to write, to give prac­ti­cal assis­tance wher­ever possible.

Let us know where you’re at, what you need, and how you’re keen to help.  Use the form at the right. 

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