Lifepoint in your Living Room

It’s Alert Level 2, whatever that means for you.  We can’t quite gather yet, but we can certainly meet.  We meet when we worship, though we’re in different places.  We meet when someone reads and expounds the Scriptures, though we hear them in a hundred different rooms.  And we meet in groups of 10 (for now), a biblical number for perfection!

Note: if you can’t see the live stream in our YouTube channel please refresh the browser.

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Lifepoint@Large 24th May 2020

Needing help?  We’re here for you.

It’s a marathon, Covid-19 and the weeks of weirdness it has set in motion.  But we are in this together, creative and resourceful in the Lord.  Lifepointers are standing by to pray, to phone, to write, to give practical assistance wherever possible.

Let us know where you’re at, what you need, and how you’re keen to help.  Use the form at the right.