Looking for a sign?  All you’re gonna get: the Sign of Jonah (Luke 11:29-32).  Can you swallow it?  (Get it?)   Sunday 16th October, 10 a.m. in the auditorium.

Also coming up.   An Annual General Meeting and all-round Lifepoint hui on October 30th!  An evening of intercession over Skype (!) with overseas mission partners, this Wednesday night – October 19th.  More options?  Join Impact, our youth ministry, Sunday evenings at 6.  Or get Refocus’d on Tuesday nights (for young adults to age 30).  Surf the site for more midweek options. 

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These days, ‘rights’ are everything.  My rights, especially.  What took noble root in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights back in ’48 has now overrun the garden completely, creating generations of entitled kiwis.  The right to self-determination – a thoroughly modern invention, made to seem self-evident – is like a banana passionfruit, clambering over home, school and workplace with virulent glee.

It’s scary what dies in the garden of relationship when ‘rights’ takes over.  Does anyone remember how ‘rights’ used to have ‘obligations’ to keep them in check?  (Who talks about ‘obligations’ these days?)  And how do you reward someone who’s already entitled to it all?  What about gift? – and now we’re in the heartland of the gospel.  God’s gift to us in Jesus is incongruous, unmerited by any value or worth in ourselves, much less by right.  To give and receive gifts in imitation of God’s incongruous grace is to plant an otherworldly, delicate, fragrant fruit tree in the garden.  But how can it flourish where giving and receiving are governed so heavily by our sense of rights?


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